Prof. M.O. Asikhia


The Faculty aims at producing graduates who are soundly trained in the Social Sciences and can bring such training to bear in whatever roles they may be called upon to play in the course of national development. The Single and Combined Honours Degree Programmes available in the Faculty cater for the diverse academic interests of students and prepare them for the variety of job situations, for example, Research, Teaching, Management and other Professional Work in both Private and Public sectors.



The Faculty of Social Sciences consists of the following six departments:

A.        Economics

B.         Geography and Regional Planning

C.         Political Science

D.        Public Administration

E.         Social Work

F.         Sociology and Anthropology


Each department within the Faculty has its own specific requirements with respect, to admission, into various Part-Time Programmes but these in general conform to the minimum of the University’s Matriculation Requirements.

The requirements for each department are specified in various programmes.


A.        DEGREE PROGRAMMES AND REQUIREMENTS: The Faculty of Social Sciences offers Single and Combined Honours Degree. The Degree requirements include compulsory courses in General Studies, and all students in the University are required to pass examinations in the courses before they can graduate.

B.         SINGLE HONOURS DEGREES Students admitted by Entrance Examination shall, in their First Year, in addition to General Studies take Full Courses from three subject areas (Departments). The most appropriate subjects area will be as defined by the major department into which a student has been admitted.

During the Second Year, the student (whether promoted from 100 level or newly admitted into 200 level by Direct Entry) takes Full Courses from his/her major department and a number of courses from the second and third subjects areas in accordance with the regulations of his/her major department. Direct Entry students will normally take the General Studies Courses this year.

At the beginning of the Third Year, students opt for Single or Combined Honours Programmes, normally on the basis of the academic standing and career plans. Single Honours Students take Full Courses exclusively from their major departments during the Third and Fourth Years. Combined Honours Students take about equal number of courses from the two Departments they are combining during the Third and Fourth Years of the Programmes.

C.         COMBINED HONOURS DEGREE: Students who so desire and on the basis of their academic interests and/or potential, may be able to combine any two of the subject areas available in the Faculty. Students may also combine a Social Science subject with a subject offered in another Faculty.



Prof. A. Otoghile

HOD Political Science


Dr. Omoruyi Osunde

HOD Sociology and Anthropology


Dr. S.O. Ibobor

HOD Social Works