Dean of Dentistry

You are most welcome to the School of Medicine. Our School of medicine was a foundation faculty of University of Benin in 1970. Our vision is to promote the health and social well being of the Nigerian people and the global community through the training of high quality manpower and professionals in medicine.
To achieve the above vision the School has 160 academic staff in 14 departments and over 600 undergraduate students. The academic staff consist of 67 Professors, 13 Associate Professors, 38 Senior Lecturers, 32 Lecturer I and 5 Lecturer II. Senior faculty are highly rated experts and specialists in their area of focus. Our medical school, with its robust urban and rural training programs, is the most sought after medical school by applicants to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB)

Lecturers with expertise in various subspecialties teach and train the undergraduates thoroughly, hence our doctors are highly rated both in Nigeria and globally. These
lecturers/consultants also train post-graduate students (resident doctors) on the platform of the National Post-Graduate Medical College of Nigeria and West African Post-Graduate Medical College, some of whom eventually become consultants and lecturers in universities.

These academic staff most of whom have dual duties as clinicians/consultants in the university teaching hospitals, carry out very innovative and impactful research in medicine and health that have contributed to better and more efficient ways of managing patients and providing health care. For example our department of Haematology has pioneered bone marrow transplantation which transforms a patient with sickle cell anaemia with genotype of HbSS to genotype HbAA. It’s the first in Sub-Sahara Africa.

Apart from teaching and research, our lecturers are honorary consultants to the University of Benin Teaching Hospital (UBTH) where they render first class clinical services to patients. The University of Benin Teaching Hospital is very highly rated in Nigeria and globally. The work of the Departments of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and Community Health of the School has won for us the status of Centre of Excellence in Reproductive Health in Africa – a World Bank sponsored initiative.
The departments in the School of Medicine have academic staff (lecturers) who are specialists/consultants in the under-listed sub-specialties:

1. Department of Anesthesiology:

Obstetric Anaesthesia
Acute and Chronic Pain Clinics
Regional anaesthesia
Paediatric anaesthesia
Intensive Care anaesthesia
Cardio-Thoracic anaesthesia

2. Department of Chemical Pathology:
i. Endocrinology
ii. Renal
iii. Nutrition
iv. Therapeutic drug monitoring
v. Paediatric Lipidology and
vi. Neonatal Enzymology

3. Department of Child Health:

i. Neurology
ii. Haemato-Oncology
iii. Nephrology
iv. Gastro-Enterology /Nutrition Metabolic Endocrinology
v. Respiratory
vi. Cardiology
vii. Neonatology/Perinatology/HIV-Unit
viii. Emergency Paediatrics
ix. Infectious Diseases
x. Adolescent and Community Pediatrics

4. Department of Haematology:

White Blood Cell Disorders
Red Blood Cell Blood Disorders
Coagulation and Thrombotic Disorders
Stem Cell Transplantation
Laboratory Management

5. Department of Community Health:

i. Epidemiology
ii. Biostatics
iii. Health Policy, Planning and Management
iv. Health Education
v. Environmental Health
vi. Occupational Health
vii. Social and Rehabilitative Medicine
viii. Public Health Nutrition
ix. Reproductive and Family Health
x. International Health
xi. Community Dental Health
xii. Community Mental Health

6. Department of Medical Microbiology:

iii. Mycology
iv. Bacteriology
v. Immunology

7. Department of Internal Medicine:
i. Nephrology
ii. Cardiology
iii. Dermatology Infectious Diseases
iv. Pulmonology
v. Endorinology
vi. Clinical Pharmacology/Therapeutics
vii. Neurology
viii. Gastroenterology

8. Department of Mental Health::

i. Child Adolescent Psychiatry
ii. Consultation Liaison Psychiatry
iii. Substance Use Disorders Unit
iv. General Adult Psychiatry

9. Department of Pathology:

i. Forensic Pathology
ii. Gastro-intestinal Pathology and Hepathology
iii. Neuropathology
iv. Cytopathology
v. Gynecologic Pathology
vi. Nephro and Urologic Pathology and
vii. Dermatopathology

10. Department of Obstetrics & Gynaecology :

i. Fertility Counselling Unit
ii. Endocrinology and Fertility Unit
iii. Materno-Foetal Medicine and
iv. Oncology and Urogynaecology Unit

11. Department of Ophthalmology:

Anterior Segment Surgery
iv. Vitreo-retinal Surgery
Paediatric Ophthalmology
Community Ophthalmology
vii. Occulo-plastic Ophthalmology

12. Department of Orthopaedics & Traumatology:

i. Orthopaedics
ii. Arthroplasty and Trauma
iii. Burns and Plastics/Reconstructive, Surgery

13. Department of Radiology

i. Breast & Cardiovascular USS
ii. C.A.T. Scanning
iii. Contrast Radiography
iv. Nuclear Medicine Unit

Department of Surgery:

i. Upper Gastro-Intestinal Surgery
ii. Lower Gastro-Intestinal Surgery
iii. Breast & Endocrine Surgery
iv. Paediatric Surgery
v. Ear Nose Throat Surgery
vi. Cardio-Thoracic Surgery
vii. Urology
viii. Neuro-Surgery
ix. Trauma

The post graduate programs run in the school include:
Masters in Public Health (MPH), Diploma in Anaesthesiology, and 5 Masters and PhD programs in reproductive health under the auspices of the Centre of Excellence for Reproductive Health Innovation (CERHI)
Thank you and welcome.