Head of Department

HOD, Petroleum Engineering


In 1972, the then Mid-Western Institute of Technology, Benin City, formally became known as the University of Benin, Benin City.  The Faculty of Engineering was one of its pioneer faculties.

The Department of Chemical and Petroleum Engineering was created in 1973 to run two-degree programmes, namely, Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Engineering.  The Department of Petroleum Engineering became an autonomous department in October 1984.



The general philosophy of the programme is to produce graduates with high academic standard with adequate practical background and immediate value to the industry, the nation and international community in general.

The main objectives of the Petroleum Engineering department are therefore to:

(a)          To the train Petroleum Engineers with the required qualities and capabilities to meet the ever-increasing needs for professionals in the Petroleum Industry both in Nigeria and abroad.

(b)          To produce researchers to be able to advance Petroleum Engineering both in the industry and the academia.

(c)           To produce manpower to sustain Petroleum Engineering in tertiary institutions in Nigeria and abroad.

(d)          To establish a center for research and development in Petroleum Engineering.



S/No. Name of Staff Status Qualifications Area of Specialization
1. Dr. K.O. Bello Associate Professor B.Sc (Ibadan, 1994) M.Sc (Ibadan, 2000) PhD (RGU, UK, 2013) Drilling & Completion, Production Engineering and Flow Assurance
2. Prof. E.S. Adewole Professor B.Eng (Benin, 1989) M.Sc. (Ibadan, 1995) PhD (Benin, 2004) Reservoir System Charatarization
3. Prof. K.I. Idigbe Professor B.Sc. (UT Austin, Texas, 1977) M.Sc. (UT Austin, Texas, 1979) PhD (UT, Austin 1984) Reservoir Engineering, Natural Gas Engineering and Natural Gas Processing and Monetization, Petroleum Engineering
4 Prof. O.A. Olafuyi Professor B.Sc (Ibadan,1997) M.Sc (Ibadan, 2000) PhD (UNSW,Sydney,2008) Reservoir Engineering, EOR & IOR
    5. Dr. P.U. Ohirhian Associate Professor B.Sc (Ibadan,1975 ) M.Sc (New Mexico Tech, Socorro, 1979) PhD (Benin, 2010) Production Engineering and Reservoir Engineering
6. Dr. P. O. Ogbeide Senior Lecturer B. Tech.(Owerri,1996) M.Sc (Owerri, 2000) Ph.D (Owerri, 2009) PGDPE (Benin, 2013) M.Eng (Benin, 2014) Offshore Engineering and Maritime Technology
7 Dr. A.A. Adeniji Senior Lecturer B.Sc (Ibadan, 1995) M.Sc (Ibadan, 2001) PhD (Benin, 2017) Reservoir Engineering, Well Test Analysis and Reservoir Simulation
8 Mr. M.C. Chukwuma Lecturer I B.Sc (Benin, 1990) M.Sc (PortHarcourt, 2002) PGDPE (Benin, 2013) M.Eng (Benin, 2016) Petroleum Geology and Formation Evaluation
9 Engr. P.U. Giegbefumwen Lecturer I B.Eng (Benin, 2007) M.Sc (IPS, PortHarcourt, 2011) Reservoir Engineering and Formation Evaluation
  10 Mr. A.A. Ikhuoriah Lecturer I B.Sc (1988,Ibadan, ) M.Sc (1998,Ibadan, ) Reservoir Engineering and Petroleum Economics
11 Dr. S.A. Igbinere Senior Lecturer B.Eng. (Benin, 2005) M.Eng (Benin, 2014) PhD ( Port Harcourt, 2017) Production Engineering,Reservoir Engineering and EOR
12 Dr. I. Ohenhen Senior Lecturer/ Acting HOD B.Eng (Benin, 2007) M.Eng (Benin, 2012) PhD ( PortHarcourt, 2017) Reservoir Engineering, EOR and Petroleum Economics
13. Dr. David Onaiwu Senior Lecturer B.Eng (Benin, 2006) M.Eng (Benin, 2012) PhD ( Port Harcourt, 2017) Reservoir Engineering, Well Test Analysis and Natural Gas Engineering
14 Mr. Benedict Ikponmwosa Lecturer II B.Eng(Benin,2010) M.Eng (Benin, 2015) Drilling & Completion Engineering and Reservoir Simulation
15. Mr. Blessing Otamere Lecturer I B.Eng (Benin,2008) M.Eng (Benin,2015) Drilling & Completion and Production Engineering
16. Mr. Taiwo Oluwaseun Lecturer I B.Eng (FUTA,2007 ) PGD(Benin,2013) M.Eng. (Benin,2014) Reservoir Engineering and EOR
17. Mr.  E.W. Osagie Lecturer II B.Eng. (Benin,2012) M.Eng. (Benin,2015) Reservoir Simulation, Formation Evaluation and reservoir Geomechenics
18. Mr. Isaac Omoregbee Graduate Assistant B.Eng (Benin,2007) Production Engineering


S/No. Name of Staff Rank/Designation Qualifications
1. Mr. Gabriel O. Nwabah Deputy  Chief Technologist HND (PTI, Effurun,1997) B.Eng.(Benin, 2004)
  2. Engr. Imuentiyan Igbinoghodua Laboratory Technologist I B.Eng (Benin, 2004) M.Eng. (Benin, 2012)
  3. Mrs. F. O. Ajayi Laboratory Technologist I HND (PTI, Effurun, 2001)
4. Mr. V.O. Oteri Laboratory Technologist I B.Eng. (Benin, 2007) PGD (Benin, 2012) M.Eng. (Benin, 2014)
5. Isuk, Nsisong Johnny Laboratory Technologist I B.Eng. (Futo, 2006) M.Eng (Benin, 2019)
6. Igunbor Cranston Oghogho Laboratory Technologist II B.Eng. (Benin, 2007)


S/No. Name of Staff Rank/Designation Qualifications
1. Akhidue – Ogogo R.O. (Mrs) Principal Conf. Sec II Confidential Secretary HND (Auchi, 2003) PGD (Benin, 2008) BSc.(Owerri, 2014)
2. Mrs. R. O. Oduwale Administrative Officer M.Ed. 2013, B. Sc. Ed 1997
3. Mrs. E. Adjaino Principal Executive Officer (P.E.O.II) HND Business Administration
4. Mrs. O. O. Owegie Senior Executive Officer B.Sc. Business Administration
5. Mrs. C. Okoronkwo Data Entry ND, Business Administraton
6. Osarenren M. (Mr.) Executive Officer ND Political Science
7. Idowu R. T. (Miss) Clerical Officer SSCE
8. Bamidele S. (Mr.) Senior Executive Officer B. Ain French