It is trite knowledge that the organic functions of every business organization are production, marketing, finance/accounts and human resources management. Of these, marketing has in the last three decades assumed preeminence and prominence; thanks to intense competitive pressures that have forced every business to accord greater importance to marketing management. Against the above background, the demand for marketing experts at various levels has burgeoned over the years. They are needed as sales representatives, sales managers, distribution managers, advertising managers, brand managers, marketing managers, and so forth. In spite of the increase demand for these experts, many business schools in Nigeria have failed to rise up to the challenge of establishing marketing programmes to meet the needs of business and non-business organisations. The marketing programme described in the following pages is designed to meet this ever increasing demand for marketers in Nigeria in particular and in the world in general.





To equip students with relevant and adequate knowledge and skills for decision making in the marketing of goods and services. The main objective of the Department is to generate adequate and professionally trained managerial manpower with relevant, up-to-date skills, knowledge and attitude that are and will be required in meeting the ever growing responsibilities of managing in Nigeria. The specific objects of the B.Sc. programme in Marketing are to:

  • Produce students with sound knowledge of marketing as a discipline and a profession.
  • Facilitate the creation of consumer awareness in the minds of young men and women as they face marketing challenges in the environment.
  • Prepare students to become marketing teachers and researchers and ?prepare students to become marketing practitioners and professionals.



Four Year Programme

At least five credit passes in SSCE, GCE O’level or equivalent which should include English Language, Mathematics, Economics and any other two social science subjects obtained in not more than two sittings plus. The required Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination (UTME) subjects including; English Language, Mathematics, Economics plus any other Social Science subject.


Admission Requirement for the Three-Year Programme

Requirements in A (i) above PLUS

Any two of the subjects at the GCE A/L or HSC in Commerce, Economics or Business Management.

In exception cases the following Qualification may also be considered Requirements in A(i) Plus the Ordinary National Diploma in Marketing or any relevant subject (Passes with minimum average of upper credit) from a recognized Polytechnic or College of Technology.

Requirements in (i) Plus

A Higher National Diploma in any relevant subject awarded by the recognized Polytechnic or College of Technology. A bachelor’s degree in any subject awarded by a recognized University.



To graduate, students admitted to the 4-year programme of the department must successfully complete a minimum of 170 credits. Students undergoing the 3-year programme are required to accumulate a minimum of 135 credits in order to graduate.

(i) To move to the next level, students must earn minimum credits as follows

100 level 23 credits

200 level 20 credits

300 level 22 credits

ii) To remain in the faculty but on probation, students must earn a minimum number of credits as follows:

100 level 12 credits

200 level 10 credits

300 level 11 credits

Any student who accumulates less than the credits specified in (ii) above will be required to withdraw from the Faculty

iii. Minimum credits/ units required to graduate are 170 credits

iv. If at any time during the session, a student falls ill and desires to apply for temporary withdrawal, such application must be supported with medical report and presented within 30 days of such student’s absence from school.




A candidate shall normally not spend more than six years for a four – year honours degree programme. A candidate shall normally not spend more than five years for a three – year honours degree programme.




All question papers on the 100 to 300 levels shall be moderated internally. External examiners shall participate in the vetting of questions and the marking of scripts for all final year examinations. They shall participate in the determination of overall results and in classification of degree.




The Head of Department shall be the chief examiner of his/her department. There shall also be appointed an examination officer who will be responsible to the Head of Department. He/She shall be in charge of the conduct of examinations and the recording and return of results. The Board of Examiners in the Department consists of the academic staff.



There shall be a Faculty Committee of Examiner Officers. The Faculty Examination Officer shall be appointed by the Dean. The function of the Faculty Examination Board Committee is to plan for examinations and to prepare results for the Faculty of Board of Examiners. The Faculty Board of Studies/Examiners shall meet at the end of each semester to consider the result of the examinations held in the session.



The department is well equipped with competent teaching material and human resources to teach and supervise marketing related courses. Other departments such as Banking & Finance, Economics, Accounting, Law etc will assist in teaching other related courses.




On admission, students automatically become members of University of Benin Student Union, members of Faculty of Management Science Association and members of the departmental association which is expected to be formed by the students. Students will be encouraged to write professional examinations in marketing e.g. National Institute of Marketing of Nigeria, etc which will qualify them to be members of such organizations.



Classes of degree are to be awarded depending on the Cumulative GPA obtained. The classes of degrees that may be awarded are First Class Honours, Second Class Honours (Upper Division), Second Class Honour (LowerDivision), and Third Class Honours.

CGPA                             CLASS OF DEGREE

4.51 – 5.00                          First Class

3.51 – 4.50              Second Class (Upper Division)

2.41 -3.50                Second Class (Lower Division)

1.51 – 2.50                          Third Class

1.00 – 1.50                           Pass