Dean Of Basic Medical Science

Over the last few months, I have had the opportunity to immerse myself in our college community and promote our mission. The passion strikes me that our faculty and students have for learning, discovery, and problem-solving; the dedication of our hard-working staff in keeping the College running efficiently and in a collegian manner; and the engagement and generosity of our science alumni. My transition has not been the only one in recent months; we have recruited, hired, and shifted some of the best faculty and staff into pivotal roles that will help the College succeed in achieving its strategic objectives
We have a great foundation on which to build future success in the College. As the new dean, I will continue to reach out to our college community as we develop and shape the future of our College. Please join me in transforming the College of Health Sciences to achieve its full potential as a vibrant and diverse scientific and educational community that is internationally renowned for excellence, and for improving the world through its discoveries and solutions to life’s most pressing challenges.