Head of Department

HOD, Civil Engineering


Civil Engineering involves the knowledge and skills directed towards the construction of statics structures for the use and convenience of man. These structures include; Bridge, Canals, Road, Aqueducts, Docks, drainages etc.

Employment opportunities are available to graduates from Civil Engineering Department in government establishments, building and Construction Industries, Water Corporations, Ports and River Basin Authorities, Foundation Engineering Companies, Transportation Industries, Universities and Polytechnics, Research Organizations and Engineering Consulting Firms.


The Philosophy of the Department of Civil Engineering aims at the development of technical manpower at the all levels for the sustainable economic growth of the nation and for society and humanity. Civil Engineering consists of the following major areas: (a) Structural Engineering (b) Water Resources and Environmental Engineering (c) Geotechnical Engineering (d) Highway and Transportation Engineering (e) Geodetics Engineering.

The main objectives of the Undergraduate Degree Programme in civil Engineering are as follows:

Training of engineers who will meet the commercial, industrial, education 1, technological and research needs in Nigeria.
Production of technocrats to keep up with rapid pace of change in the nation and demand for basic civil infrastructures in Nigeria
Facilitating the training of engineers to provide the technical support base for rapidly growing and burgeoning population of students.
Providing the country with engineer to design, produce, maintain and service civil engineering artifacts and systems

A project work is requirement for final year by each student. The project should normally be relevant to the technological, social and other needs of the country.

The programme is designed such that the philosophy and its objectives take cognizance of and be in harmony with the following:

The general philosophy and principles establishing the Faculty of Engineering, UNIBEN
The philosophy and objectives of the National University Commission (NUC)” Minimum Standard” of the July 1989 and modified in 2004 pertaining to Engineering and Technology.
The Council for the Regulation of Engineering in Nigeria (COREN) requisites for the Programme.
Other regulatory bodies’ requirements such As the Nigeria Society of Engineers (NSE).
Nigeria’s National Policy on Education as well as those Philosophies and Objectives intrinsic and unique to achieving high academic and professional development in Civil and Environmental Engineering in Nigeria.



1. J. O. Ehiorobo MSc (MIIGAIK), PhD (Benin) FNIS, MNSE, MNAG, MNICES, Registered Surveyor (SURCON) Professor Geomatics, Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
2. O.C. Izinyon B.Eng (Uniben1984) M.Eng (Uniben 1993) PhD (Uniben ) MNSE, COREN Professor Water Resources & Environmental Engineering
3. O.U. Orie B.Eng. (Civil) (1998) M.Eng(Struct.) 2003 PhD (2008) MNSE, COREN Professor/HOD Structures
4. A. N. Aniekwu B.Sc. Arch.(1979) M.Sc Arch (1981) PhD (2016) M.E. Const. MMNIA Cert. In Proficiency in Electronic draft and Design (1991). Nig. Inst. Of Building U.K. Inst. Of Con- Management, UK. Professor Construction Management
5. S. O. Osuji B. Eng.(Uniben1995) M.Eng (Uniben1998) PhD 2005 MNSE, COREN Professor Structures
6. H. A. P. Audu M.Sc (1995)                                 PhD ( Uniben 2011) Associate Professor Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
7. J. O. Okovido B.Eng (Uniben 1994) M.Eng (Uniben 2000) Phd (Uniben 2010) MNSE, MNIStructE, MNICE, FNIStructE, FIPMD, COREN, QMS-Lead Auditor Associate Professor Structures
8. A. A. Ogunje B.Eng (UNN 979)  B.Arch. M.Arch (Howard University, 1983) Senior Lecturer Construction Management
9. S. D. Iyeke B.Eng (2000) M.Eng (2008)  PhD 2016 MNSE, COREN Senior Lecturer Geotechnical Engineering
10. N. Ihimekpen (Mrs.) B.Eng 1998 M.Eng (Uniben 2004) PhD ( Uniben 2016) Senior Lecturer Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
11 E. Nwankwo B.Eng (Civil) 2004 M.Eng (Struct.) 2009 PhD 2014 MNSE, COREN Senior Lecturer Lecturer II 2010 Lecturer I 2014 Senior Lecturer 2017
12. R. I. Umasabor B.Eng (Uniben 2004) M.Eng (Uniben 2008) PhD (Uniben 2017) Senior Lecturer Structures
13. L. O. Akhigbe (Mrs.) B.Eng (Uniben 2007) M.Sc ( Surrey 2010) PhD (Surrey 2014) Lecturer 1 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
14. R. O. Ogirigbo B.Eng (Civil) 2006 M.Eng(Structures)2011 PhD (Structures) 2016 Senior Lecturer Structures
15. U. Ukeme B.Eng (Civil) 1997, M.Eng (Structures) 2006,  MNSE, COREN Lecturer 1 Structures
16. R.I Ilaboya M.Eng 2013 PhD 2017 Lecturer 1 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
17. E. E. Oria-Usifo B.Eng (Uniben 2005) M.Eng (Uniben 2014) MNSE, COREN Lecturer 1 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
18. E. S. Isagba (Mrs.) B.Eng (Uniben 2005) M.Eng (Uniport 2011) MNSE, COREN, EMS-Lead Auditor Lecturer 1 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
19. K. Ezekiel B.Eng (Civil) 2009 M.Eng(Structures)2015 Lecturer 11 Structures
20. C. M. Okolie B.Eng (Civil) 2009 M. Eng (Uniben 2015) Lecturer 11 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
21. P. Ogbeifun B.Eng (Civil) 2009 M.Eng ( Uniben 2015) Lecturer 1 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
22. I. Inerhunwa B.Eng (Civil) 2012 MSc. (Structural Engineering) 2016 Lecturer 1 Structures
23. S. A. Adegbemileke B.Eng (Civil) 2010 M.Eng ( 2016), MNSE, COREN Lecturer 1 Structures
24. O. Osasu B.Eng (Uniben) 2010 M.Eng (2017) Lecturer 11 Highway &Transportation
25. N. K Oghoyafedo B.Eng (Uniben 2012) M.Eng (Uniben 2017) Lecturer 11 Highway &Transportation
26. M. Igene B.Eng (Uniben) 2012 M.Eng ( Uniben2017) Lecturer 11 Highway &Transportation
27. J. O Ogbeide B.Eng (Uniben 2005) M.Eng ( Uniben 2015) Lecturer 11 Structures
28.  B. Omosefe B.Eng (Civil) 2009 Lecturer 11 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
29. O. Oriakhi B.Eng (Civil) 2013 Lecturer 11 Water Resources and Environmental Engineering
30. J. Ekhodiaehi B.Eng (Civil) 2000 Graduate Assistant Geotechnical Engineering


1 E Izilein Chief Technical Officer COREN Registered R24659 WASC (1973), Diploma in Aerial SURVEYS (1978), B.Eng. Civil  (2004) Engineering Laboratory Coordinator (Civil/Structural). In charge of Geotechnical Engineering Laboratory Unit. Supervision of Departmental UBITS programmes
2 D. Onwasigwe Asst. Deputy chief Technologist MNSE, Inter C&G (1979), Advanced C&G 1982, Const. Tech. Cert. 1982, B.Eng (Hons) Civil Engineering Head of Structural Engineering Laboratory Unit. In charge of supervision of laboratory practicals, Students/Lecturers’ research projects in Structural Engineering
3 S.A.P. Obeakemeh Chief Technologist MNIS Registered Surveyor WASC 1973, OND (Surveying) 1976 HND (Surveying) 1982 MNIS Head of Surveying and Geoinformatics Laboratory Unit Instructing students in Engineering surveying practicals, Geo-informatics.
4 G.N. Uwaila Lab. Chief Technologist HND Civil Eng PGD Civil Eng Organise and run praticals for Students in Geotechnical laboratory, Assist Students/Lecturers in research projects
5 C.A. Ibhadode Principal Lab. Technologist HND (Surveying) MBA, PhD Instructing Students in Engineering Surveying practicals and Projects
6 U.E.KAJI Principal Lab Technologist B.Tech(Building) 2004 Modelling and instructing students in Structures
  7 E. A. Agabi Laboratory Technologist I B.Eng, (Civil) 2004 M.Eng (Civil) 2013 Instructing Students in Laboratory Practicals and Projects
8 C.  Oshilim Asst. Chief Technical Officer OND (Town Planning) 1984, WASC 1977, GCE 1980 Instructing Students in Computer Aided Drafting (CAD) work.
9 S.A. Adefemi Principal Officer I Fed. Trade Test III/II (1981), Govt. Techn. Cert I &II (1981) Advanced C&G, B.Eng(Hons) Civil Repairs and maintenance works.
10 I. Mbachu Duputy Director (Building) B.Sc (Building) 1990 Instructing Students in Laboratory Practicals and Projects in the Structural Laboratory.
11 S. Ilavbarhe Senior Laboratory Technologist HND Civil Engineering Instructing/Assisting Students in Highway/Transportation Engineering practicals and projects
12 Mr. David Ighalo Workshop Supervisor 1st Sch. Leaving Cert. (1972) Assisting students in making their form work for projects & Maintenance work in the Department of Civil/Structural Laboratories
14 Mr. Pius Adeniyi Laboratory Supervisor S. 75 Cert. (1977), GCE O/L (1980), GCE (1982) Assisting students in testing their specimen for practicals/projects.
15 Mr. F. Udukpeghene Forman (Mason) Workshop Supervisor Fed. Trade Test Grade I (1981) Assisting students in a masonry works for projects and practicals.
16 Mr. Presley E. Enoghayin Laboratory Assistant 1st Sch. Leaving         2008 Assisting in Geotechnical Laboratory
17 Mr. Evbaru F. Okhuaihesuyi Technical Officer OND (Civil) 1999 Assisting in Structural Laboratory
18 Mr. Ehimen O. Osezemen Laboratory Technologist II B.Eng (Civil) 2011 Instructing/Assisting Students in Structural Engineering practicals and projects
19 Mr. Reuben O. Ogiamien Senior Technical Officer HND (Civil) 1986 Assisting in water resources and Environmental Engineering Laboratory
20 Mr. L. Ebarkpen Laboratory Technologist II HND (Civil) 2013 Instructing/Assisting Students in Structural Engineering practicals and projects
21 Mr. Augustine A. Ehiogie Higher Technical Officer HND (Civil) 2010 Assisting in Geotechnical Laboratory
22 Mr. Okhuoya O. C. Technical Officer OND (Civil) 2013 Assisting in Geotechnical Laboratory


1 Mrs. Abieyuwa D. Oronsaye Administrative Officer B.Sc (Ed)2008 In Charge of Administrative Duties
2 Barr. Mrs. O. J. Ajise Administrative Assistant LLB   2007 BL    2012 Administrative Duties
3 F. O. Ehigiator H.E.O. (Sec.) B.Sc (Accounting) Administrtive/ Secretarial duties
4 Miss Osarobo Emese Omosede Higher Executive Officer B.Sc (Ed)2011 General Office Duties
5 Miss Rhoda Iyayi Higher Executive Officer B.Sc (Business Adm)2012 General Office Duties/ Assisting in Departmental Library
6 Obiyan blessing Higher executive Officer H.N.D (Business Adm) Filling / General Administrative Duties
7 Mrs. P. Ogudo Executive Officer CONTISS 06/1 Diploma General Office Duties In Charge of Departmental Library
8 Mairo Magbegor Executive Officer O.N B.Sc (Business Adm)2011 Filling / General Administrative Duties
9 Miss Ugiagbe Ovbokhan Josephine Clerical Officer WAEC2015 General Office Duties