Dr. D.U. Okoedo-Okojie

Head of Department
Dr. D.U. Okoedo-Okojie

Ag. HOD, Agricultural Economics & Ext. Services


The Department is poised to turn competent manpower in Agricultural Economics, Farm Management, Agricultural marketing, project appraisal, agricultural extension communication and administration as well as Agricultural Cooperatives and rural development.  To this end, the Department awards two degree options in.

(i)         Agricultural Economics and Farm Management

(ii)        Agricultural Extension and Rural Sociology


To make effective contribution in the area of capacity building and skills development and application in the immediate community through teaching and research in agriculture and rural development.

Goals and Objectives

In the next ten years, we will work to attain the following goals and objectives:

  • To build students capacity in the areas of farm  management and quantitative techniques;
  • To turn out self reliant productive graduates in agribusiness management;
  • To improve responsiveness of agricultural information dissemination
  • To develop schemes for mobilizing agribusiness  operators/entrepreneurs into cooperative societies as a means of poverty alleviation
  • To develop skills for applying economics resource allocation in agricultural  production
  • To produce graduates who will profitably put their skills into operation by establishing/  operating their own agribusiness
  •  To provide advisory services in farming
  • To enhance capacity and capabilities in agribusiness, product development and utilization.